Be part of the 2014 Expedition!

The other night I had a vivid vision of what I wanted the Caravan to be like for 2014. The synergy of us all coming together was amazing, awe-inspiring really and I knew I had to find a way to make that happen for as many people as possible! I’m offering this CRAZY invitation until 12/31/13, I REALLY want you to be there with us!

We’re Opening a REAL, LIVE Studio in Mesa!

Yes it’s really true! I think this is the biggest news I have EVER shared! Dave and I are opening “Artspiration Studio” this summer in Mesa, Arizona. Today we launched our official Kickstarter campaign and we are off to a great start! The reason that I LOVE Kickstarter is that dreams really do come true there! You get awesome stuff for pledging and we get to open the studio to record classes and hold live workshops. It’s win-win for everyone. Synergy is amazing and I really believe that this project is worth it. If we can exceed our goal, you’ll get even more fantabulous goodies (stretch goals announced soon) and the Studio will get all kinds of upgrades! Let’s spread the word far and wide! I am so excited to get started recording workshops, live-streaming and painting!!!!!!

Here I am in front of the camera instead of behind it for the first time ever! This is a completely different version of the video that I specifically recorded for my current Art Journal Caravan members, but I thought I would share it with you here as well. You should still check out the “real” video on our kickstarter page!

A couple of things to note about how Kickstarter works if you’ve never heard of this amazing place!
1. It’s all or nothing funding! We have to raise the full amount or you don’t get charged and we don’t get the moolah!
2. Your card is NOT charged until the ending time which is May 3rd, 11:59 PM MST or May 4th, 2:59 AM EDT
3. To get our Kickstarter noticed in the popular or staff pick section I HAVE to get the word out there, can you please help me–share, share, share? :)
4. You can use any images, wording etc I post about this project on your own blog. But please link everything up to

Oh and one last thing! The backer’s only blog is going to be seriously cool and will open right on May 4th! It’s going to have all kinds of exclusive pictures I won’t be posting anywhere else, freebies, surveys for your input and more! You’ll get to be a part of the Studio progress every single step of the way! I hope you’ll be there with us.

Together we can make this dream come true— THANK YOU SO MUCH!

PS! There are more images you can use on our Kickstarter media Page {here}  which will be updated often!



We’re celebrating the luck of the Irish!
Caravan members got this EXCLUSIVE freebie today!
Lucky Ink Exclusive Art Journal Caravan Freebie

Art Journal Today!
What is something in your life that makes you feel oh, so very lucky?

“Luck is believing you’re lucky.”
Tennessee Williams

New 6 Part Tutorial and Matching Freebies for Caravan Members!

Katherine aka Tinkerbell57 has done a SIX PART tutorial on creating the “spray ink” look digitally! PLUS! There are free goodies from Katherine and I to match!

January Freebies for 2013 Caravan Members!

Caravan members got all this free in January!

Art Journal Caravan Chat

All are welcome to attend!

HUGE Announcement for 2013!

All videos from the Caravan years 2010-2013
will be available to current members
(More videos will be added all year!)

for ALL AJC VIDEOS AS OF 01/30/2013

Alphas (Using Mixed Alphas)
Bam Bam Bam (Loading Multiple Files)
Blending Sliders
Brushes and Brush Menu (Journaling Activity)
Brushes , Threshold & Signature Stamps
Curled Paper Edges by rebeccamarye
Extracting/Using Selection Tools
Inspired by D Carson by Sarah Barber
Layers Palette & Splatter Clipping Tips & Tricks
Lighting Effects
Outlining Recap & Layered Journal Boxes
Paper Cuts and Clipping Masks
Puppet Warp & Smart Objects Part 2 (Photoshop CS5+ Only)
Smart Objects Part 1 (Photoshop Only)
Text: Playing with Fonts Part 1
Text and Paths 1 (to create awesome journaling shapes)
Text and Paths 2 (to create freeform lines w/ text)
Text Tools for PSE 10 Part 1: Type on Custom Path by Tinkerbell57
Text Tools for PSE 10 Part 2: Type on Custom Path by Tinkerbell 57
Text: Quick Outline and Paint Fill for Text
Text: Warped Text and Journal Lines
Using Templates
Working with Tape

Basic “Tangie Style” Painting
Chunky Board Altered Book
Galaxy Starter [NEW FOR 2013]
Junque Journal (Alter Composition Notebook)
My Studio Table/Supply Review
One Word Canvas & Collage
Saturday Afternoon Journaling #1 (What Lies Within)
Saturday Afternoon Journaling #2 (Everything Shapes Us)
Saturday Afternoon Journaling #3 (with Courage)

Bridge Tutorials by Nevermore (Includes multiple videos)

How to use Instagram [NEW FOR 2013]
How to use Instagram Part 2 [NEW FOR 2013]
Pinterest Basics [NEW FOR 2013]