Frequently Asked Questions

What IS Art Journaling?

Simply put Art Journaling is a visual diary. It’s a place to record your thoughts in images, art and words. Art Journal pages tend to be “artsy”, usually contain few or no photographs, contain hidden symbolism meaningful to the creator and contain personal journaling (although not always!). The number one rule about Art Journaling is that…there are NO rules. Simply put “Art journaling creates self-awareness through creative expression”. Don’t forget the Membership package includes a 100+ page book that goes into Art Journaling in-depth, you can also download the FREE art journaling zine!

I’m not an “altered artist” and don’t feel comfortable with a quirky style, I guess this project isn’t for me?

Not So! I know some of you are nervous about art journaling having to be in some quirky or altered style, but the style in which you journal should be your own! We welcome all styles of artists and would love to have you along. If you are curious about trying a new style or two we will be going through some style exercises, studying artists through interviews & books, plus a whole lot more! While learning new ways of doing things and thinking outside the box is wonderful–at the end of the day it’s your journal and rest assured that this project is for everyone no matter your style or skill level.

Why Did You Start This Project?

I want to encourage souls to find more meaning in their lives from creative expression.  While leaving behind a family scrapbook of everyday family activities and memories like Christmas traditions and outings to the zoo are exceptionally important…I feel it’s AS IMPORTANT to leave behind a legacy of who “we really are”–through our art journals. Our children, our families want to know  WHO WE REALLY WERE, what we feared, what we loved, what we dreamed…it’s a treasure beyond price. That being said, they are also just for us in the here and now, a place for us daydream, vent or plan. The amazing thing about Art Journaling is that by taking some time for ourselves to journal, we find more self-awareness through our creative expression, which in my opinion makes us better moms, sisters, friends & human beings.

What level is this geared towards?

We are covering ALL the bases. There will be different levels of activities every week so that YOU can pick what inspires you to art journal. You will not feel lost as someone creating their first page nor bored for someone creating their thousandth page.

Can I Join Anytime in the Year? What if it’s not January 1st Have I missed Out?

Yes you can, it’s designed to be a “jump in where we are” system! You will have access to ALL the materials no matter when you join! You even get a PDF book at the end of the year with ALL the weekly prompts!  The workshop price will always be $49.95 and never goes on sale at the end of or the beginning of a new year.

How do I get Started?

The Membership Package can only be purchased at in Tangie Baxter’s Studio. After purchase you will get a welcome letter with your download on how to get started. Have you already purchased the membership and your welcome letter is missing? Please, check your SPAM folder– If it’s not there please email me { tangie at scrapbookgraphics dot com }. Need help shopping at Scrapbookgraphics? Click {here}.

What type of Journal are we making?

The journal can be 100% digital, hybrid, mixed-media or any other technique you can dream up. The choice is left to you, the exercises, ideas and challenges we will be doing can be well suited to any of those mediums. We have a good mix of people who are doing each one of these choices, so no matter what you choose there will be some doing it right along side of you! Also I will have tutorials at different times in the year, in both digital and mixed-media.

If I want to try digital art journaling what program do I need? Do I have to buy lots of digital supplies?

You can use any photo manipulating software you feel comfortable with. If you are just starting out I suggest Photoshop Elements or if you can Photoshop, you can always try them out FREE as adobe offers a free 30 day trial. As for supplies, the workshop itself comes with plenty of supplies to get you started, no further purchase is required to participate. However, there are endless amounts of digital supplies for you to play with if you are ever ready!

I still have questions not answered here…HELP!?

I’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have! Please contact me directly { tangie at scrapbookgraphics dot com }.