Real, Unedited Testimonials from Caravan Students

I love the art journal caravan. For me it helps me focus on my scrapbooking and you won’t believe the amount of “goodies” you get. The prompts each week ignite a spark to get some creative mojo going. It has been a real boon to my scraobooking and art journaling. ~Ann

I’m loving the AJC 2012!! I was wondering if it would be as good or as fulfilling as last year, but shouldn’t have even thought that!! It’s amazing the way Tangie keeps us amused and utterly enthralled each week, and everyone is so friendly and encouraging, it’s a real pleasure to be here again!! Taking part in the AJC keeps me producing pieces of art. I love that, and prioritise it as much as I can so my artistic side doesn’t get sidetracked within ‘real life’! It’s a wonderful thing to be part of, and sharing my art, getting the inspiration from others as they create, is so valuable to me, I can’t imagine ever not doing the AJC now! So, Tangie, don’t get any ideas about retiring!! Love,Bernie

I love Art Journal Caravan – each week there is so much variety in what to explore that I always find something that grabs my interest and sparks my creativity. I’ve used the AJC material for art journal pages, but also for other projects. I have to admit that I am too shy to post my work in the gallery, but you don’t have to put it out there to feel part of the community! In fact, there are no “have tos” at all with AJC, but Tangie makes it all so enticing that I always want to create. This experience has been awesome and I recommend it to anyone interested in pushing the edges of their creativity. ~Ginger

The Art Journal Caravan is my guilty pleasure. I look forward to each week’s prompts, and love spending time pondering the artwork I’ll be creating in response. I’m so thrilled with all the art I’ve created since I started my Art Journal Caravan journey. Even though I can’t participate every week, the pages I’ve created are some of my favorite pieces of art. They’re personal and meaningful, and have such wonderful significance for me. I’m a life-long fan of Tangie’s Art Journal Caravan, and I intend to participate every year for as long as the opportunity is available!~Elizabeth

I joined the caravan in the middle of last year, and I have not looked back since that day. I have learned so much from everyone involved and been inspired by Tangie and all the participants. The caravan is a safe and happy place to share my thoughts and art. ~Debbie

This is year 3 for me on the Caravan. The pages I have created have been fun and at times therapy. It’s my visual journal. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This holds true for my journal pages. Some emotions just can’t be conveyed with words. The caravan has been a place for support, inspiration and growth (within and creatively) with the weekly prompts and monthly adventure quests. Checking into the Caravan is as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth and joining the caravan is truly one of the best presents I have ever given myself. ~Balinda

My ride on the Art Journal Caravan this year has been a wonderful experience. It really got me started on being a better Photoshop artist, developing a personal style and communicating with my fellow caravaners (that’s maybe the best part). Before the caravan, I had never posted on a in a gallery or been a part of a forum (do you believe it?)! Now, I’m comfortable with it all. And there are so many coupons, bargains and freebies, Tangie is practically paying US to come along for the ride. Definitely worth the price of admission. ~Jeanzie

I have journeyed with Tangie and her Caravan for three years now. Art journaling has offered me some sanity in trying times and the opportunity to be fun and playful during the good times. Tangie expands the caravan experience each year by adding features that we can pick from as we are inspired- like kids at a candy buffet, the treats seem neverending! ~Molly

I started the AJC in 2010. It was a lifesaver. This year I thought I could do without… I was wrong! LOL I missed the community — that’s one of the best parts of the AJC. As for art journaling, for me it’s freedom or permission: to be sad, to be quirky, to say something you need to get out, etc. And the Caravan venue has been good for stretching — learning new things and being challenged to go places I wouldn’t have gone on my own. TY. ~Suslyn

This was my first try at Art journaling. I needed some guidance and inspiration. After searching all over, I came upon Tangie’s AJC and I have to say it was the best decision I made. The group is awesome and Tangie herself is fabulous. Can’t wait for the next one to start. I’m a lifer. (if that’s a word) ~Ronda

It is my third year on the Caravan, and I am sure I will be around for the next one. The AJC is something I do just for me. It is an indulgence In my own creativity. I learn new techniques; i meet wonderful people; and I explore topics that I might not ever have considered otherwise. With Tangie’s encouragement, I have even ventured from Photoshop into the world of paint and paper and glue. It is a wonderful experience, and I would recommend the workshop to anyone interested in expanding their creative skills. ~Donna

Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Caravan is the complete package deal for anyone who loves art journaling or for those who are just beginning on this fabulous artistic journey . The inspiration, products and tutorials make is so easy to jump on board and get creative and the community is so very encouraging and sharing. Tangies passion and enthusiasm for art journaling is totally contagious and she has an awesome creative team providing wonderful inspiration and support. With all that is on offer along with the amazing bonus deals, fun, freebies, surprises, chats and E-Zine, I can’t recommend the Art Journal Caravan enough. ~Deb

This is my first year with AJC and it has been a wonderful journey. Being new to art journaling I was a little nervous, but this is a wonderful community, encouraging me every step of the way. The workshop materials are high quality and the weekly prompts will take you to new and exciting places. ~Enelya

The Art Journal Caravan has not only helped me revive long neglected pursuits such as drawing, painting and calligraphy but it’s also provided a fulfilling way to combine those forms with passions such as digital art, photography, memory keeping, journaling and storytelling in a fun and unique way. Sparked by Tangie’s thoughtful weekly prompts, technique demos and consistent flow of visual fodder, after two years in the Caravan I’m still discovering new ways of expressing my creative side. ~Katherine

I LOVE the Art Journal Caravan, it has changed my life. In December 2010 we had a great loss in our family and I spent most of 2011 in a funk. When the Caravan came out for 2012 I was determined to keep up with it (basically as a distraction) Well let me tell you not only have I kept up with it, but I have an awesome hybrid journal to show for all the work. And somewhere along the line week by week prompt by prompt my shattered heart started to heal. And while I will never get over our loss. I have been able to move on greatly aided by Tangie and the Art Caravan ~Tina

Art Journaling to me is a visual diary of my thoughts. Sometimes fun and quirky, sometimes introspective, always EXPRESSIVE! It’s a way to step out of my comfort zone and express my emotions, with no judgement. I love that there are no rules. I love that my interpretaion of an itinerary can be so very, very different than someone else’s. I have grown and learned so much about myself, by exploring the assingments, and listening to the sometimes quiet voice inside of me. It is so therapeutic to let that inner voice out, and let it shine. I have learned and grown so much on these many Caravans. I have seen different perspectives and been amazed by the talent and BEAUTY in the Journals of others. I have found a loving and caring community of amazing artists who have the courage to put their feelings out there, and who support and encourage each other. I have found courage within myself. What a wonderful Journey the Art Caravan is! Thank you, Tangie for sharing your talent and VISION…{my word for this year!} ~PatsFanGran in the Forums